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The Full Story


     Our founder, Mary Bolden, began visiting local parks while restrengthening her ability to walk due to a work-related injury.  While much of her routine was completed on the walking trails, they routinely cross paths with the play and fitness areas.   She took notice that these areas were not fully inclusive or accessible.  Mary also noticed that weather could limit the activities for even the best parks.  This led to her passion to create a place where individuals, no matter the ability or age could be social, get healthy, play and learn from one another all year long regardless of weather.  She envisioned Bethesda Indoor Park to be that place. An indoor park where Every Ability Is On A Spectrum.  Bethesda Indoor Park officially became a nonprofit organization in November 2018. 


To promote the benefits of socializing, exercise, fitness, and play for those with physical and developmental disabilities, senior citizens, and families. 

Image by Audi Nissen


Our vision is to become the leading facility of inclusive indoor recreational play, socializing, fitness, and exercise. 

Indoor Zumba Class

The Expectation

Why Bethesda

  Our hope is that the community will see Bethesda Indoor Park as a place for meeting "family", for increasing life skills, and gaining independence. Ability and age should not exclude anyone from adopting a fit and fun lifestyle.
Everyone needs to socialize, exercise, be wholly fit, and play. 


Our mission statement encourages us to create and support programs and content that highlight the diversity of us all, encourages growth in ourselves, and fosters community accountability. Bethesda Indoor Park will be a safe environment, where people will feel less likely to stare, whisper, or discouraging anyone from asking why. We want to bridge the gap between abilities because it is time to notice that every ability is on a spectrum. 

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