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Neurotypical, neurodivergent, children- one with mobility device are playing at playground

Conceptual Renderings

It has been our goal to have 3D Renderings of what Bethesda Indoor Park would potentially look like. It was because of great volunteers helping us to raise funds through working as a NPO at Bank of America Stadium that we were able to complete a first phase of conceptual renderings.

Exterior Image Potential B.I.P. in 3D. Brown building with several windows. Far right of building has wall that is majority window.

Conceptual Drawing of Exterior.  Our search for a site for Bethesda Indoor Park includes existing buildings and warehouses as well as land that could accommodate building a new structure.

Exterior of Potential B.I.P. Angled view of side and rear of 3D building.  Filled with floor to ceiling windows.

Conceptual Drawing of Exterior.  We want to allow for as much natural light as possible to give the interior the feeling of being outdoors. 

Bird's eye view of a interior of potential B.I.P. in 3D image

Conceptual Drawing of Interior.  We would change the size of the gym space and the park space. We are an indoor park and would like a large interior park space for relaxation, exploring, and exercise.

Enlarged view of bird's eye view of interior in 3D.

Conceptual Drawing of Interior.  Enlarged view of the playground and 13+ fitness equipment areas, Spectrum Cafe and a small version of the indoor park space.

2D Conceptual Drawing with labels for every section.

Conceptual Drawing of Interior. Layout is subject to change. Drawings are for conceptual use only.

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