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A B I L I T I E S 

Bethesda Indoor Park believes that every ability is on a spectrum. 

We understand that everyone has limitations on what they can do physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Consider the task of walking.  The ability to walk varies person-to-person and thereby is on a spectrum. 

An abbreviated spectrum view of walking:
     *Walking with no hindrances 

     * Walking with a limp due to;
                *Polio/structural birth defect
                * Sports/military 
                * Hip replacement
     * Walking with some form of assistance 
                * Guide dog
                * Walker/Cane
                * Leg Brace
      *Walking Constraints 

                * Distance 
                * Speed
                * Time Limitation

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P L A Y 

Play is fun. Play is enjoyment. Play is socializing at its best. Play can be done individually, with a few, with many, in-person, virtually, or online.  Yet we do not believe play is just for children.

At Bethesda Indoor Park, we believe play is for every ability and age. We hope to encourage adults to take on some youthful socializing behaviors; the ability to start up a conversation with a potential new friend, laughing over something random and not feeling awkward afterwards, or even starting a game together.

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Bethesda Indoor Park believes that exercise is for every part of the body. 


Exercise is an activity that requires some form of physical effort to maintain or improve upon one's health and fitness. 

Exercise is more than cardio or endurance training. To learn something new it takes mental exercise.  To forgive or reconcile a relationship takes emotional exercise.  At Bethesda, we want to teach the benefits of whole body exercise to improve overall health. 

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Bethesda Indoor Park believes fitness is not one size fits all.  We have to train to become fit.  Fitness also covers every aspect of life. 

We usually think of fitness to only mean lean, strong cores, and modeling. It is but not in just a purely physical sense.
At Bethesda Indoor Park, we'll share resources that help with seeing fitness as pillar to a happy and healthy way of life. 

Examples of fitness:
* In order to see one's wealth grow, you have to go through exercises that teach you to be financially fit. 

    * Strong core: Knowledge that wealth is          created over time not overnight.

     * Lean: Creating a realistic monthly                budget to live below your means of               income, while enjoying life.

     *Modeling: Follow the budget created            and having an accountability partner.

*  To have confidence in oneself, requires
 exercises that help you to become mentally
 and emotionally fit.
     * Strong core: Knowledge that you were 
    uniquely and wonderfully made.
    * Lean: Putting into your life people who      are able to support and give constructive      criticism that you will receive and believe.
  * Modeling: Reduced/little fear or anxiety      in a task or behavior that previously            would increase stress or decrease                 confidence. 

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