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Virtual Socials 


The virtual socials are a safe space for support, discussions, and conversations.  We understand that different abilities may limit access to indoor activities, especially as we continue to adjust to life in a COVID-19 world, and we want all people who desire to connect with others to be able to do so. 

Financial Partners


The need cannot be stated enough, nonprofits need donors.  Giving tells the community that this is a cause worthy of support.  It tells that you care.  We know that you have worked hard for each cent made and we hope that when you give to us that we show you how much we appreciate it. Every ability is on a spectrum, we know that this holds true in giving also. Financial partners that give on a regular basis help us plan for the future and each contribution helps us thrive.


Land for Recreational Usage Zoning

We are searching for the right location(s) for Bethesda Indoor Park.  The old saying "location, location, location" is true.  Opportunities have been offered for land usage and a building zoned for recreational use, but unfortunately neither space would allow us to build what was best for the Bethesda community.  As our search continues, we need help.  Do you know land that  willing to be donated, leased, or sold that can be built upon with limited constraints and within a nonprofit's budget? Do you know buildings that are willing to allow changes necessary to make an accessible and sound indoor park? If so reach out to us. 

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